Hong Kong

Howdy all – so here’s an attempt at a blog – hope I don’t bore everyone to death!!
Pretty tearful goodbye in Cork airport but slept a lot of the way to London then so not so bad 🙂 Heathrow then for 5 hours but totally flew – they had a Harrods Food Hall so that helped!!
Qantas then for the 11 hour flight to Hong Kong. Of course John’s TV screen didn’t work so that wasn’t the greatest start. Option 1: Move next to a crying bambino. Option 2: Sit in the middle of 2 other people and ruin their lovely comfy space… Option 3:  Talk to the Aussie guy next to you. A really lovely Aussie guy moved so John could watch his TV – so nice. Great for me too as I had 2 seats to sleep on – slept 7 hours!! Those sleeping tablets are the business, thanks Mum! My god Qantas feed you A LOT too. I think maybe the sleeping was food coma + sleeping tablet actually. Thoroughly recommend both on a long flight!
Arrived at Hong Kong airport via a ‘temperature check’ stand. Imagine being turned around there! Immigration was super fast and bags out waiting for us. Bit of an air of German efficiency here!!
I sent us to the wrong MTR (metro) station then of course. Had to walk about 20 minutes in searing heat with that damn backpack AND I packed so lightly!! Finally found the hotel (Langham Place – definitely recommend) – 4th floor of a shopping centre and then our room was on the 29th floor. Absolutely amazing views at night. Hotel was beautiful – plenty of supplies for the rest of the trip – toothbrushes and sewing kits galore 🙂
We did all the regular touristy things in Hong Kong, Avenue of Stars, Symphony of Lights (buildings along the Tsim Sha Tsui light up to music in a 14 minute light show), computer/gadget shops for John, Victoria Peak (via a god damn tram I nearly had a heart attack on – about a 45 degree angle – could not look down), Flower Market, Bird Market (have a video of a mighty little bird saying ‘Hello’. Oh it’s the little things), Goldfish Market (not what I was expecting. Does one expect a pet shop with little puppies in cages? Should not have gone in there – one little puppy reminded me of Ben. Been thinking I should have taken him ever since!), Night Market, Mid-levels escalator… Story now with this mid-levels escalator – it’s the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system (thank you wikipedia). It runs downhill in the morning and uphill in the evening. We went up about 4pm I’d say – John’s question: Can you go all the way to the top of this and get to Victoria Peak? Ciara’s answer: No, John. John’s next question: Are you sure? Ciara’s answer: Yes, John 140%. John’s next statement: Ah sure we’re passed the rubicon, we may as well continue (trying to prove me wrong – he’s thinking ‘This is totally bringing us to Victoria Peak, she hasn’t a clue’). At the top: A road going nowhere. Point of this story: Ciara’s always right. Full stop. Men. I suppose we have to let them make their mistakes!!
Oh went for dim sum also – found this place in come book in the hotel – Tim Ho Wan restaurant in the Mongkok area (very close to hotel) – it’s like the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant. Went there twice and massive queues – 2 hour wait – no thanks, can’t be that bloody good. Went back on Sunday morning – thought it was opening at 8am – we were second there – queuing with a lovely group from Taiwan. This lovely lady went through the entire Chinese menu with us – telling us what we should order etc. – then along comes an Australian couple (directly off their flight!!) and we’re all queuing until 10am!!! Massive queue by then and some little pups cut in – and take a table of 10 – little buggers trying to say they were there all morning. Some people. The next people in line had to wait another hour then. Epic dim sum mind.
Best statement John made in Hong Kong: ‘The women are pretty much of a standard design aren’t they?’ WHAT do you say to that??!!!!
Funny names of places so far…Yu Rong Supermarket, Man Kee Foods restaurant…

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