Nanning, China

Not much to report here really, just a stopover so we could organise our Vietnamese visas. Stayed at ‘Lotusland Hostel’ and they organised our visa for us in one working day. So my first Asian hostel…yes I have done the whole hostelling scene before and it’s grand. Grand. Until you end up with four Chinese guys…including a 95 year old with his own washing line on the bottom bunk, rightly set up he was! My God the Chinese are loud – I think it’s just their way though – it’s  just so loud here all the time, cars beeping constantly, people shouting at each other just so they can hear the other person standing right next to them!! And we were well quiet – tip-toeing around the place and whispering. So we moved to a double room the next night…
Spent our first evening wandering from air-conditioned shopping centre to air-conditioned shopping centre. Yes, this was absolutely necessary. Went for food and the owners came running over to us…to practice their English! Turns out the couple who owned the place studied English in Southampton. Tried to persuade John to try some of their specialities but he was having NONE of it. I tried some what I hope was chicken and it was actually really good. Also strolled down this market-type food street. Pigeons, snakes, crocodile, anything you can imagine they’ll cook up in front of you. Thanks lads but full belly and all that…
Spent the night in the hostel playing cards with a couple from Birmingham. Ah the backpacking lifestyle.
Biggest ‘excitement’ in Nanning: Probably spent an hour or so just watching the top of this building where there were two people thinking of jumping off. Awful so it was. The fire brigade were there with their blow-up mattress type thingy…there was NO way anybody was landing on it mind – must have been about 2 foot by 2 foot and the two people were about 20 floors up. Don’t think they did it but there was nobody there the following morning…
Nanning photos: There are no Nanning photos, don’t go there!

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