Hoi An, Vietnam

We arrived in Hoi An on Thursday 2nd June and ended up staying a week. It’s a beautiful old town recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s basically a town with three parallel streets and lots of old buildings preserved from 16th and 17th centuries. Hoi An is FULL of tailor shops with a few tourist shops and the odd ‘pharmacy’ thrown in. We went in to this one ‘pharmacy’ to get some tiger balm for our monster mosquito bites and this pretty respectable 50+ year old walked in with his wife looking for marijuana – what now?!
We spent our time wandering around, cycling the streets and eating whilst watching people walking the streets. Pretty relaxing. We found this beautiful beach about a 3km cycle away from the main town (thank you Rough Guides). On your way in to the beach  these people pop out from every angle screaming and waving, saying you HAVE to park your bicycle with them (and pay) and you can’t bring it any further. Full stop. I nearly fell for it! You pass them and there are people saying you can park for free in their restaurants. Oh these Vietnamese. Spent a few days lounging around this Aussie place on the beach called the Soul Cafe – you can use their sun loungers for free for the whole day – just buy a few drinks. (So ya, not free I know but better than Spain’s €12). You do get hawkers pretty often though, trying to sell you jewellery/food/newspapers…

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