Vientiane, Laos




That Louang

That Louang




We’re heading back to Bangkok after Laos so I’m going to write all that together later on.

The border crossing from Nong Khai on the Thai border into Laos was super quick. No joke – they didn’t even look at John’s passport, too busy chatting. Obviously I look fairly shady though as mine was checked 😦 We took a songthaew (Laos version of a tuk-tuk) into the centre of Vientiane with a few locals gathered en-route. We stayed in a lovely place called the ‘Vayakorn Guesthouse’; no shoes upstairs! So basically there’s NOTHING to do in Vientiane. We booked our overnight bus to Luang Prabang for tomorrow night. Whilst in Vientiane we rented some bicycles and popped out to their version of Paris’Arc de Triomphe – called Patouxai. Nipped up to the top of that for the view. Saw a few temples! Continued out the road to the Laos national symbol, ‘That Louang’ – a gold stupa. It was raining and I think perhaps this hampered our view. It wasn’t too exciting at all. Shh, don’t tell the Buddhists. Actually there was a temple right next to it which was probably one of the best temples we’ve seen. Spent most of the day on the internet AND I got to read a magazine…from February 2009 but a MAGAZINE no less. Mighty stuff!

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