Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So it started raining on the Perhentians on the day we were leaving. I’d usually be happy to leave the rain behind…but not when you have to get on a speedboat. Needless to say we may as well have put clothes on directly from the washing machine – that’s how wet we got. Good luck trying to change out of sopping clothes when you’re already late for a 9 hour bus trip as your boat driver (?) tries to fit as many people on to his 12-person max vessel. Good times! So we got to KL (that’s what the cool kids call it) after a cross-country trip in the fanciest bus ever. 3 seats wide – 2+1 with leather armchair type seats. Very flash. It was pretty surreal actually seeing the Petronas Twin Towers on the way in – well done there Mr. Architect.

So KL is basically another shopping mecca. That’s pretty much all there is to do. We visited the Aquaria KLCC which is a pretty good aquarium at the base of the Petronas Towers. The KLCC is KL’s new(ish) city centre area and houses the Towers as well as KLCC Suria – a pretty good shopping centre (they have Harrods!!). Got the hair done for c.35 euro – not too shabby! Some more of KL’s shopping centres include Lot 10, the Pavillion (which has a pretty great crystal fountain at its entrance), Starhill (didn’t spend much time here with Mr. Armani), the Berjaya Times Square (the world’s 5th largest building and has an indoor rollarcoaster – pretty cool)… There are some cultural things to do too. We checked out Merdeka Square which was all decked out for Malaysia’s National Day (August 31st). Chinatown is definitely worth a visit; surprisingly small area but nice to stroll around.

We met my brothers and girlfriends for one day on their way home to Ireland on a holiday – that day turned out to be my birthday so we had some Afternoon Tea in Harrods and went up to check out the view from the Petronas Twin Towers. Finished off the trip with a night out in an airport hotel with some lovely girls singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Good times.

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