Sydney, Australia

I suppose after a month in Sydney it might be time for an update! I guess the first things I should write about are the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. We went for a walk around Hyde Park and on to the Botanic Gardens (which don’t have pigeons – they have cockatoos – so cute) on our first afternoon in Sydney and ended up checking out Government buildings and the Opera House. So weird to see it up close. You end up seeing the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge at pretty much the same time coming from this angle so it’s actually a little confusing – WHICH do you look at first??? Then there’s Darling Harbour which is mostly eateries and a little park too (currently under construction). There was a Latin Festival on there over the weekend which was pretty cool – now I need to learn Samba though. The Chinese Gardens are close-by and you can wander around here and dress up in traditional Chinese outfits. Nice!

We’re living quite close to Paddy’s Market in Haymarket which is basically the main Chinatown in Sydney. The market is basically a souvenir garage on the bottom level of Market City shopping centre. Worth an explore for sure but I wouldn’t say you’d get any great deals in there. We’ve been to Paddington Market too which is held every Saturday – it’s great. They sell Irish soda bread! (yep, I COULD bake it myself but would you be well). There are a couple of hundred stalls selling furniture, clothes, jewellery and food here AND it’s on in Paddington –my absolute favourite suburb so far! The Rocks have a weekend market too which is worth checking out just for the surroundings. They mostly sell souvenirs but have a few stalls with some cool prints…and some Christmas baubles. Not even commenting on this one.

We also did the walk from Coogee beach to Bondi beach. We took a bus from Central station to Coogee and the whole walk is signposted so you can’t go wrong. It takes just over an hour and the views are pretty incredible. Then you stop in Bondi and get a burger – perfect day out.

Manly is definitely worth checking out too. The ferry costs $13 return from circular quay and takes half an hour. A day trip to Manly is just like taking a holiday! Plenty of places to have coffee or ice-cream and there’s a really impressive beach there too. You can take walks around the area too – after about thirty minutes walking you’re pretty much in the inner bush…that’s how we felt anyway.

As it’s October we felt it was our duty to take a trip to the Bavarian Bier Café on York Street for Oktoberfest. Their pretzels are pretty great but don’t have lemon the beer. Ever.

P.S. Sydney is freezing (well, cold) and rainy right now. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

P.P.S. The shopping is NOT crap; they have two major department stores here – Myers and David Jones and they sell many international brands. French Connection is here too. And asos deliver for free so it’s all good 🙂

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