New York, USA (again)

Lego NYC in the Flatiron District

Lego NYC in the Flatiron District

I know I go on about how awesome New York is…but here I go again. We just stopped over for the weekend before starting our South American adventure but managed to get through a few things.

We stayed in Chinatown wickedly close to the Manhattan Bridge, I guess to bring back memories of our place in Sydney’s Haymarket. Ah, good times. It was pretty noisy to start with and we were unfortunately assigned an adjoining room next to two little biddies yelling in Chinese most of the time. Fun!

The area is really handy for SoHo and Little Italy and my beloved Little Cupcake Bakeshop with such awesome cupcakes and Harney & Sons Paris tea. We pretty much hightailed it from dropping off our bags to the Flatiron district and Eataly…where I preceded to break my wineglass (I only had ONE); dude popped over asking if it exploded (?) so queue quick exit… We had dinner another evening at Tartinery on Mulberry Street in Nolita – so good. Dying to try Rice to Riches across the way for rice pudding dessert (sign on the door says ‘no skinny bitches’ so you gotta love them) but we were too full every time we passed. Curse of New York I guess – next time!

We wandered through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum for a few hours one morning and took in the view from the rooftop garden. Beautiful and so peaceful. We still haven’t managed to get up north to the Cloisters Museum as time didn’t really permit but we’ll get there some day! Obviously we took in Chelsea Market for lunch a couple of times. They have the most amazing soup-bread-bowls from the Lobster Place. Perfect for eating up on the High Lline. We also stocked up on some chocolate covered pretzels for our South America trip too – result! Happily, the weather was fantastic during our stay so we took a trip down to the water in Battery Park and just chilled out for a while watching ‘herself’ across the water. We also saw the the 9/11 memorial, it’s still so heartbreaking.

We had brunch in Cafe Select on our final day which was then in Spider-Man II on the plane to Bogota – so random. It’s just across the street from the 20th anniversary Central Perk pop-up cafe on Lafayette Street; think that’s there until the end of October. The queues were absolutely insane so we gave it a miss. We did manage to see the famous orange couch in the door though, yay!

View from the rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

View from the rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

9/11 memorial

9/11 memorial

Battery Park

Battery Park


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