Most useful Travel Apps

Most useful travel apps

Just thought I’d mention some travel applications that we’ve been using to make travelling a little easier. Get them whilst you still have wifi!!

Duolingo – Handy little app to learn Spanish if you have none. Super annoying reminders about how long you’ve spent not looking at it though. It’s a bit of a smart ass of an app to be honest but it gets a job done.

Google Translate – with offline language pack (don’t think the offline pack is available on iPhone but John has it on his android phone). This is so useful when you have no idea how to communicate with a local – just show them the screen! – Google Maps hasn’t been great in South America. had come up trumps for us on a number of occasions – it even has a map of within the grounds of Macchu Picchu! You just need to remember to download each country to your phone before you get there. It’s not great at pinpointing your exact location if you don’t have wifi but it’s very detailed.

OneDrive – 15GB of storage for free (more if you pay). We upload all our photos here just in case we lose our camera/camera card. It’s useful to get the space back on the camera card anyway.

Pinterest – I wasn’t going to add this in but it’s useful to search for the country you’re in to see pictures of the places you’d like to visit (also I’m addicted to Pinterest). Same goes for Instagram.

Pocket Expense Personal Finance – We’ve just started to use this to keep account of our budget. Bit late I know but what you gonna do. It’s very simple to use and you can see charts of where your money’s going. You need to play around a little with this when you get it first but it’s very handy once you’re used to it.

Skype – As we have an Australian account for Skype we got an amazing deal of $38 for 12 months with 300 minutes of calls to landlines and mobiles per month. This has been very handy for calling banks when we’ve had issues! (again wifi permitting).

Spotify – You can download your favourite songs to your phone; it’s an easy way to keep up to date with new music or listen to oldies even if you’re in the jungle.

WhatsApp – I use WhatsApp every single day, wifi access permitting, to keep in touch with home.

XE Currency App – Very useful when you have currencies with many zeros…my head isn’t great for maths so I’d have no idea what I was paying for anything if it wasn’t for this current currency exchange guru of an app…and John.

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