Córdoba, Argentina

We took a night bus from Salta to Córdoba at 7pm (839 ARS), arrived about 7am the following morning and took the 20 minute or so stroll to the city’s main plaza, Plaza San Martin. As we knew it was way too early to hostel-hop we grabbed breakfast in a local café, Sorocabana, which overlooks the plaza. Breakfast in Argentina consists of a coffee or orange juice and 2 medialunas, which are basically small, sweet croissants. Also, they’re awesome. We ended up staying at Mate! Hostel ($320 ARS) for 2 nights which was only ok but we couldn’t find anything else. The staff were lovely though so that really makes all the difference.

Our favourite visit in Córdoba was to the Museo Superior de Belles Art Palacio Ferreyra (15,000 ARS) which houses fine art in an absolutely stunning building built in 1914. There’s an area just up the road from here near Parque Sarmiento (huge green spaces) where local parents bring their kids to slide down serious inclines on cardboard boxes. John nearly took a kid out of it and all his Dad could do was laugh. This was definitely more of an evening spot – most places close for siestas in the middle of the day in Argentina which is a bit annoying as you pretty much have no options but to go and have a snooze or find wifi.

Mercado Norte (Address: Corner of Rivadavia & Oncativo) was just around the corner from our accommodation. Here you can pick up fresh meat for dinner, grab an empanada or pizza or sit down at a bar and have a drink and do some people-watching (best pastime ever. If I could put that on my CV as a hobby I would).

We came across Peniel Bookshop and Café (Address: Obispo Salguero 167) which is a pretty new Spanish bookshop and café with lovely, chatty staff. God I LOVE the people in Argentina. They’re all so friendly and willing to help with anything. I think they’d actually shell out a kidney if you needed one! The fresh orange juice here is unexplainably delicious.

Belgrano Street in the Güemes neighbourhood (only about a 15 minute still from the main plaza) is full of eclectic antique stores and quirky little restaurants – it’s a bit like Sydney’s Newtown. We went to Venezia here for a much needed milkshake – a proper milkshake too – not just shaken milk.

Córdoba's Bus Station

Córdoba’s Bus Station


Leafy Plaza San Martin


Córdoba’s Cathedral

The Cathedral's Dome

The Cathedral’s Dome


Pretty flower stall


Enjoying my French palace…actually the Museo Superior de Belles Art Palacio Ferreyra


Loving the staircase


Some of a current exhibition


Some amount of work went into this


Evening lights at the museum


Having a drink at Clarke’s Irish Bar


Iglesia de Los Capuchinos


John visiting Iglesia de Los Capuchinos


The most awesome spot for sliding!


Cute church in near the old railway station


Part of the Manzana Jesuítica


Spire by the Centro Cultural Córdoba in Parque Sarmiento


Look! Paddy’s here!



Next stop: Mendoza

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