Key stats from our trip!

So, I kind of thought it might be a good idea to keep an account of some key statistics from the 6 months we spent in South America (also including Cuba here):

Countries: 9

Passport Stamps: 30. Mostly from all the criss-crossing Argentina and Chile!

Aeroplane Trips: 19

Long-haul Bus Journeys: 69

Boat Trips: 17

Hostels: 59

Mosquito Bites: 81. Buggers.

Pizzas: 45

Photographs: 13,266

Phones Broken: 2

Favourite Country: Colombia (both of us)

Least Favourite Country: Bolivia (agreement again!)

Favourite City:

Favourite Place Overall:

Least Favourite City: Agreement on La Paz, Bolivia

One item we’re glad we packed:

  • Ciara: Earplugs (technically 2 items but you know what I mean!)
  • John: AeroPress (for making his coffee!!)

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