Geneva, Switzerland

So we FINALLY got some time off work for our fantastic wedding, which we had in Chateau La Durantie, France. I’ll do a post just on that but I’ll do a few posts now on our honeymoon. We took 5 weeks off work, went home to Ireland and then after our wedding we started a bit of a European road-trip 🙂

Firstly, we drove from Lanouaille in France to Geneva, Switzerland. It was a lovely drive, through little French villages at first and then just motorway – the service stations in France are fantastic, they’re very frequent, well signposted and have the BEST hot chocolate for €1.30 from these little machines. So good.

We just spent an evening in Geneva. We stayed at Les Armures in the old town which was the perfect location. The Geneva Festival happened to be on so we stumbled on to a great fireworks display – a lovely little honeymoon starter! All the waterside was filled with amusement rides and bars – it seemed like all the city was out milling around. So our first honeymoon meal was…pizza. Obvs. It was so good to just sit down and relax with some vino after the racing around we did getting organised for the wedding. We absolutely savoured the meal!! (We ate at La Cantinella: Rue de la Tour-de-Boël 2, 1204 Genève)

We really just wandered around Geneva the following morning, checked out the Victorinox Swizz Army Store – basically 2 floors of Swiss Army knives in different finishes. We could have spent a few evening wandering around Geneva and looking at watches for €30K but decided to move on to our next spot – Montreux.

Geneva’s streets

Honeymoon pizza!

Canons outside Les Armures

Walking Lake Geneva

A moonlit walk

Happy Honeymooning!

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